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A wide range of options to enhance your structure and create a space you can enjoy in any situation.

Designing the dehor means considering all those aspects that can make your outdoor even more functional and comfortable. RGM Italia allows you to enhance your pergolas with many optionals, from the ornaments for the lighting systems to the ornaments for the pillars, to add a touch of elegance and personality to your space.

Led Line

A light strip which can be mounted on the structure perimeter or on the crossbars. It’s an optional designed to improve the design of your dehor and add a touch of style in any hour of the day.

Led Stardust

Elegant spot lights, which can be nested in the crossbars, to create a comfortable corner with con diffused and homogeneous light. A precious solution allowing you to enjoys your dehor also in the night hours.

Ornaments for Pillars

Ornaments can be mounted on the pillars of some of our structures, making them fully customizable and adding a personal touch to the original design. You can choose between wood, ceramic, aluminium or LED ornaments and create your piece of paradise as you like it.


To heat your dehor and make it even more comfortable in the coldest periods of the year. A collection intended especially for those who need to keep their pergola livable in any climatic situation, such as restaurants and hotels.


Different types of automation to monitor the temperature, the presence of rain, wind or snow, which will allow you to make your structure intelligent and respond to any climatic condition.


We manufacture top quality pergolas, to protect or shade the outdoors of houses and accommodation facilities with functionality and style.

and Ornaments

A wide set of optionals to enhance your structure, improving comfort according to personal needs and making design even more precious.

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