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The ideal solution for those who want to create a corner of paradise in perfect harmony with nature.

Bioclimatic pergolas are sun shades made of aluminum. The unique feature of this product is the roof composed of adjustable slats that can be opened and closed remotely. Why choose this product to furnish your outdoor space? The answer is very simple: with an RGM bioclimatic pergola, you can enjoy the 100% Made in Italy quality that distinguishes every one of our creations, and design your outdoor space in a personalized way.


With its adjustable slats and innovative technology, Climax is the bioclimatic structure designed to protect and ventilate an outdoor space, regulating its microclimate while respecting nature. Available in a lean-to or freestanding version, it is designed to provide flexibility in installation and is equipped with an integrated drainage system.


Climax Flow

As beautiful as a Climax but even more resistant, thanks to wider and sturdier poles and an enhanced water drainage system. It is designed to adapt to even the harshest climates and can be customized with powerful motors and monoblock sliding curtains.


Climax Big

Large space, small footprint: Climax Big is the first bioclimatic pergola measuring 700×602 cm with only 4 posts. It has all the advantages of a Climax pergola, with the added possibility of expanding the coverage area without the hindrance of central posts.


Climax Big Flow

This model allows you to cover very large areas with a single bioclimatic pergola, resisting even the harshest and rainy climates thanks to the reinforced water drainage system. It is ideal for those who want to create large welcoming spaces, such as bars and restaurants.



To delimit and protect the outdoor space, creating sheltered environments that allow you to enjoy our structures all the year round.

and Decorations

A wide range of optional extras to enhance the design of your structure, increasing comfort according to different needs.

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