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Why choosing our products for furnishing your outdoor space?

Not just pergolas, but the dream of a life in the open air: in two words, “Living Outdoor.” Functionality and beauty inspire a modular concept, customizable with different finishes and accessories.

A 360 degrees

A comprehensive project, from the aluminum melting to the finished product.

Made in Italy

We fully manufacture in Italy, controlling every single step of the production chain.

on demand

Customer satisfaction is our top value, and we know that every space is unique.

& Quality

We are attentive to aesthetics, never neglecting the aspect of reliability.


In an area of 30.000 square meters, we control the entire production chain, from aluminum melting to the delivery of the finished product, including plastic molding, painting, assembly, and packaging of the structures.
The Company combines its consolidated technical know-how with the creative skills of the in-house Architecture and Design department, which has always been at the center of the production process.


The ideal solution for those who wish to create a piece of paradise in perfect harmony with Nature.


A modern and functional design vision, born to adapt to any type of space.

Flat Roof Pergolas

The lightness of a sail on the solidity of a pergola, designed for a minimal and elegant dehor.


We design high-end pergolas, to protect or shade outdoor spaces of houses and facilities with functionality and style.


To delimit and protect the outdoor space, creating sheltered environments that allow you to enjoy our structures all the year round.

Do you need help?

Send us your requests. One of our consultants will contact you as soon as possible to propose the most suitable solutions for your space.

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Via Sibelluccia – Frazione di Curteri – Area P.i.p.
84085 – Mercato San Severino (SA), Italy
T: +39 089 2093320
F: +39 081 939848

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