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A modern and functional design idea, capable of adapting to any outdoor space.

Pergola awnings are sunshades characterized by a structure with a sloping roof and an upper cover made of a retractable fabric. If you are looking for an outdoor cover that offers you the possibility to create a shaded area in your garden or on your terrace, the 100% Made in Italy pergola awnings by RGM Italia are the right choice for you.


The ideal pergola for gardens and terraces that do not require a permanent cover. The retractable PVC fabric is operated by a patented motorization mechanism integrated into the guide beams.


Albori Wing

This model has been designed to provide greater flexibility in application, particularly when there is a need to create covered spaces or passageways without occupying the ground.


Albori Twin

Albori Twin is designed to cover large outdoor spaces with minimal elegance. The aluminum structure with visible painted components, the motor, and the unique PVC fabric make it perfect for enhancing the outdoor seating area.


Albori Big

Unique in its kind, the pergola awning is capable of covering up to 130 square meters while maintaining the elegance of the Albori line, despite its size. To enjoy every hour of the day, it is possible to mount LED Line, Strip, and Stardust lights and decorate the pillars to add a touch of personality.



To delimit and protect the outdoor space, creating sheltered environments that allow you to enjoy our structures all the year round.

and Decorations

A wide range of optional extras to enhance the design of your structure, increasing comfort according to different needs.

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