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Bioclimatic pergolas



The ideal climate at any latitude thanks to adjustable slats from 0 to 135 degrees, a silent automatic system, modularity and different configurations.

The bioclimatic pergolas of the Climax family adapt to any project by modulating the sunlight and regulating the air flow to make the most of the weather conditions, and creating a customized microclimate.



Attached or modular, the pergotendas created by RGM Italia meet a wide range of needs by covering and providing shade to different types and sizes of space.

Patented systems, many accessories and customizing opportunities make the RGM Italia pergotendas beautiful, practical and functional solutions for furnishing any outdoor space.

Freestanding pergolas

Freestanding pergolas

The freestanding pergolas produced by RGM Italia elegantly furnish the outdoor space of houses, accommodation facilities, and multifunctional spaces.

Solid structures but with essential lines, modular, customizable and equipped with the latest automatic systems to enjoy every space in maximum comfort.

Closing systems

Closing systems

To define, protect and create real outdoor spaces.

All the bioclimatic pergolas and pergotendas, as well as the porches and pre-existing structures, can be completed with RGM Italia closing systems, which are characterized by innovation, quality of materials and reliable automation.

Accessories and decorations

Accessories e

and decorations

Make our solutions unique.

All RGM Italia products can be customized thanks to the modularity of their structure, innovative patents and a wide range of accessories which can decorate, light up, add sound to, and characterize each structure.

The supply chain

The supply chain

At RGM Italia we control the entire supply chain, from the aluminum smelting to the tests on the finished product, passing through plastic molding, painting, pergola assembly and packaging.